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Outstanding is our Standard!
Human Bonding our Legacy!

Travel, Grow & Prosper with Passion

Exclusive Mastermind club by invitation only, to Travel to unique destinations with Elite Peer Group of successful entrepreneurs from around the world that connect, Grow and Prosper together in Business and Life.

Join The Seekers in Exotic Vietnam

& Cambodia

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When?: March 29-April 5, 2017

 (March 29-April 8 with Cambodia Extension)

Vietnam: Astonishingly exotic and utterly compelling, Vietnam is a country of breathtaking natural beauty with a unique heritage, where travel quickly becomes addictive.
Why I Love Vietnam: ‘Just be happy enough’. I love that Vietnamese attitude, it explains how they survived. I feel it dining on simply fresh seafood, or sweet, chargrilled everything, showered in herbs. The spirit of just going with it comes to me as tropical rain rolls over a beach or at a bar with mountain mists at eye level. The heat slows my pace and things are simply good.
War, Peace & Progress: Forty years after the carnage and destruction of an epoch-defining conflict, Vietnam is resolutely a nation, not a war, in the eyes of the world. Self-confident and fast-developing, its progress is all-evident in the country’s booming metropolises. Vietnam’s allure is easy to appreciate (and something of a history lesson) as ancient, labyrinthine trading quarters of still-thriving craft industries are juxtaposed with grand colonial mansions from the French era, all overseen from the sky bars of 21st-century glass-and-steel high-rises.
Vietnam Chills: There’s plenty of horizontal ‘me’ time to relish. Vietnam has outstanding spas – from marble temples of treatments, to simple family-run massage salons with backpacker-friendly rates.
A Culinary Superpower: The Thais may grumble, but in Southeast Asia nothing really comes close: Vietnamese food is that good. Incredibly subtle in its flavours and outstanding in its diversity, Vietnamese cooking is a fascinating draw for travellers – myriad street-food tours and cooking schools are testament to this. Geography plays a crucial role, with Chinese flavours influencing the soups of the north, spices sparking up southern cuisine, and herbs and complex techniques typifying the central coastline. And up and down the country you can mingle with villagers, sample local dishes and sip rice wine in Vietnam’s many regional markets.
Sensory Overload: Unforgettable experiences are everywhere in Vietnam. There’s the sublime: gazing over a surreal seascape of limestone islands from the deck of a traditional junk in Halong Bay. The ridiculous: taking 10 minutes just to cross the street through a tsunami of motorbikes in Hanoi. The inspirational: exploring the world’s most spectacular cave systems in Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park. The comical: watching a moped loaded with honking pigs weave a wobbly route along a country lane. Experience the wonders of Saigon (officially known as Ho Chi Minh City) or get carried away riding on a sampan boat through the awesome canals of nearby Mekong River Delta.
Cambodia: Where to start? Cambodia’s real treasure is its people. The Khmers, their smiles infectious. Thanks to an unbreakable spirit and infectious optimism, they have prevailed hard times of occupation and war with their smiles intact. No visitor comes away without a measure of admiration and affection for the inhabitants of this enigmatic kingdom.
An Empire of Temples: Contemporary Cambodia is the successor state to the mighty Khmer empire, which, during the Angkorian period, ruled much of what is now Laos, Thailand and Vietnam. The remains of this empire can be seen at the fabled temples of Angkor Wat, the eighth wonder of the world, monuments unrivalled in scale and grandeur in Southeast Asia. The traveller’s first glimpse of Angkor Wat, the ultimate expression of Khmer genius, is sublime and is matched by only a few select spots on earth, such as Machu Picchu or Petra.
The Urban Scene: Just as Angkor is more than its wat, so too is Cambodia more than its temples, and its urban areas can surprise with their sophistication. Getting into Siem Reap or Siem Riep, with cosmopolitan cafes and a diverse nightlife, is as much a destination as the nearby iconic Angkor temples. Cambodia remains an authentic adventure.
The Seekers - Share your Journey

The Seekers – Share your Journey

 Outstanding is our Standard! … Human Bonding our Legacy!!

The Seekers Plats is an Exclusive Mastermind of successful top entrepreneurs and business leaders from all around the world, mostly coming from Tony Robbins Platinum Partners, each of them committed to living life at an outstanding level, that have joined to create a Unique Mastermind: “The Seekers Plats”! Our elite members bond together in a community  of deep connection and contribution for a privileged opportunity to network and Travel together four times a year to the most exclusive dream destinations on the planet. Members must be accepted by invitation only, as Prosper Ventures is not open to everyone to maintain the top level of our peer group. In addition to our incomparable Travel, as a member, you will be part of a limited selected group of individuals who are committed to achieving their peak of both personal and professional Growth, while learning from the very best Transformational leaders, and to further Prosper in business by connecting into an outstanding worldwide Network and accessing a range of exciting new business opportunities brought in by peer Mastermind club members. Above else, our members have discovered that success and fulfillment only truly happen when life is about more than themselves, and therefore our peer club has a firm mission to actively contribute to the local communities wherever we go.

If you feel Prosper Ventures Mastermind club is for you, we kindly invite you to fill our “The Seekers Plats Mastermind Membership Application”. Once you submit your application, we also invite you to join us in experiencing our Peer Group by Booking Now for our next global adventure to discover “Exotic Vietnam & Cambodia 2017”!

Prosper Ventures is a very exclusive Mastermind club, and the only one that brings 3 separate Programs together All-in-One:

  1. A Travel Program: a range of exciting and unique 1st class discovery journeys with fellow peer members to the most exclusive world destinations. Lots of fun while building valuable connections for a life-time!
  2. A Growth & Transformational Program: on every trip we have training sessions with top Transformational leaders that help our fellow peer members grow in the fields of business, relationships, emotions and/or spirituality, while getting connected to their core as human beings. Further, on each trip Prosper Ventures selects a local non-for-profit (orphanage, school, hospital, …) to be part of its Social Contribution Programgiving every club member an opportunity to serve and contribute to others either by doing social work and/or fund raising activities.
  3. A Business Networking & Opportunities Program: on every trip business round-tables are organized where important business matters, exchange of ideas, problem solving, international expansion and business investments are analyzed and discussed, and peer club members also have the opportunity to share in new attractive business and investment opportunities worldwide in an atmosphere of friendship and trust built by the bonding and connection.


Quality Life + Quality People = Fun, Connection & Growth!

Join “The Seekers Plats” now! 

The Seekers - Share your Journey

The Seekers – Share your Journey

Our Commitment

We will only approve for The Seekers Plats membership high caliber individuals, with a need to enjoy live, and a desire for personal growth and contribution. We will make sure that we have a top “Peer Group of outstanding individuals”. If an existing member is found to be detrimental for the group we would discreetly ask for his/her resignation.

We will take care of everything, including the most minor details, to make sure that you just enjoy, have fun and relax in our exclusive The Seekers Plats Adventures.

We will always book at some of the very best hotels, restaurants, and entertainment available. We will hire some of the top thought leaders for our Transformational Growth sessions.

At Prosper Ventures, “everything included” means exactly that. No bad surprises guaranteed! Except “Options” marked as such in the program.

Our Mission


We give our exclusive Matermind members the opportunity to discover new unique world destinations with the highest life style, while you travel inside your soul and mind, and Prosper in your Life, Health, Relationships and Business, together with an elite peer group of outstanding leaders and professionals from the 6 continents!

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