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When?: October 10 to 17, 2016

 (October 7-17 with Ibiza Island pre-trip Extension)

Spain: Passionate, sophisticated and devoted to living the good life, Spain is both a stereotype come to life and a country more diverse than you ever imagined.

Why I Love Spain: The life that courses relentlessly through the streets in our country always produces in visitors a feeling that this is a place where anything can happen and where many dream to come back and live forever. Here, the passions of Spain’s people are the fabric of daily life; this is a country with music in its soul, a love of fine food and wild landscapes, and a special talent for celebrating all the good things in life. Poignantly windswept Roman ruins, cathedrals of rare power and incomparable jewels of Islamic architecture speak of a country where the great civilisations of history have risen, fallen and left behind their indelible mark. More recently, what other country could produce such rebellious and relentlessly creative spirits as Salvador Dalí, Pablo Picasso and Antoni Gaudí and place them front and centre in public life? Here, grand monuments to the past coexist alongside architectural creations of such daring that it becomes clear Spain’s future will be every bit as original as its past. Spain’s diverse landscapes stir the soul. And everywhere you go, towns and villages of  timeless beauty perch on hilltops, huddle in valleys and cling to coastal outcrops as tiny but resilient outposts of Old Spain. Food and wine are national obsessions in Spain, and with good reason. The touchstones of Spanish cooking are simple: the best fresh raw materials, incalculable variety, traditional recipes handed down through the generations, and an innate willingness to experiment and see what comes out of the kitchen laboratory. You may experience the best meal ever via tapas in an earthy bar full of joyful people, or via a meal prepared by a celebrity chef in the refined surrounds of a Michelin-starred restaurant. Either way, the breadth of gastronomic experience that awaits you is breathtaking. For all the talk of Spain’s history, this is a country that lives very much in the present and there’s a reason ‘Fiesta’ is one of the best-known words of the Spanish language worldwide  – life itself is a fiesta here and everyone seems to be invited. Perhaps you’ll sense it along a crowded, post-midnight street when all the world has come out to play. Or maybe that moment will come when a flamenco performer touches something deep in your soul. Whenever it happens, you’ll find yourself nodding in recognition: this is Spain!

In our journey through “Sense-A-tional Spain” The Seekers will visit 3 of the top most visited sites in Spain and in the world itself: The Way of Saint James spiritual and inspiring pilgrimage to  the tomb of St. James Apostle in Santiago de Compostela, the magnificent Alhambra in Granada and the beauty and unparalleled joy of life in Seville, all 3 UNESCO World Heritage sites. And a pre-trip extension to Ibiza, the most famous and beautiful “Party Island” in the Mediterranean! All of it in the best 5 stars hotels, most of them once magnificent medieval castles and palaces today wisely converted in top luxury hotels with lots of charm, between the best luxury hotels in Europe!

The Camino de Santiago, in English Way of St. James or St. James’s Way, is a spiritual journey that pilgrims of all faiths and backgrounds have traversed for over a thousand years following the pilgrimage routes to the shrine of the apostle St. James the Great in the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia in northwestern Spain, where the remains of the saint are buried. Santiago, together with Rome and Jerusalem, is one of the three most sacred cities of  Christianity , these three destinations forming the known as the “Axis of the World”  during the Middle Ages, and a pilgrimage route on which a plenary indulgence could be earned. Pilgrims take up this route as a form of spiritual path or retreat for their spiritual growth. Yearly, hundreds of thousands of people of various backgrounds and faiths from around the world walk the Camino de Santiago. One of the most popular routes is the Camino Portugues from Oporto, Portugal, which is the one The Seekers will follow in our journey. The pilgrimage from Portuguese lands to Santiago de Compostela originates in the Middle Ages. It was used by Queen Isabel of Portugal as well in the early 14th century. The route followed closely the ancient Roman roads of Lusitania. Most people set out on the Camino for spiritual reasons; many others find spiritual reasons along the Way as they meet other pilgrims, attend pilgrim masses in churches and monasteries and cathedrals, and see the large infrastructure of buildings provided for pilgrims over many centuries. The history of the Camino de Santiago goes back at the beginning of the 9th century (year 814) moment of the discovery of the tomb of the evangelical apostle of the Iberian Peninsula, Saint James. Since this discovery, Santiago de Compostela becomes a peregrination point of the entire European continent. The Way was defined then by the net of Roman routes that joined the neuralgic points of the Peninsula. The impressive human flow that from very soon went towards Galicia made quickly appear lots of hospitals, churches, monasteries, abbeys and towns around the route. The recovery of the route begins at the end of the 19th century, but it is during the last quarter of the 20th century when the authentic contemporary resurge of the peregrination takes place. There is no doubt that the social, tourist, cultural or sport components have had a great importance in the “jacobea” revitalization but we cannot forget that the route has gained its prestige thanks to its spiritual value. Pilgrims walk the Camino for various reasons. Some to seek penance, others enlightenment, and still others for a sense of adventure, yet all progress toward the Cathedral in Santiago where the remains of the apostle St. James are held. Most pilgrims choose to carry a scallop shell with them to symbolize their journey in honor of St. James. Another useful symbol is a walking stick to aid a weary pilgrim on his or her journey. Most pilgrims also carry a document called the “credencial”. Also known as the “pilgrim’s passport”, the credencial is stamped with the official St. James stamp of each town or refugio at which the pilgrim has stayed. It provides walking pilgrims with a record of where they ate or slept, but also serves as proof to the Pilgrim’s Office in Santiago that the journey is accomplished according to an official route. The stamped credencial is also necessary if the pilgrim wants to obtain a compostela, a certificate of completion of the pilgrimage. Regardless of whether a pilgrim’s journey begins for religious, spiritual or cultural reasons, the meditative nature of the Camino offers the perfect landscape in which to dedicate contemplation. Pilgrims follow the path amidst the villages, towns, rivers, mountains and fertile valleys that have changed the lives of millions of pilgrims who walked before them through over 1,000 years.

Get ready for another magical and unforgettable adventure with “The Seekers Plats” to experience “Sense-A-tional Spain”!

Join The Seekers in Sense-A-tional Spain 
& Ibiza the Prosper Ventures Way!

Arrival & Departure:

  • SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA (SCQ) or VIGO (VGO) | October 10 | Afternoon
  • GRANADA (GRX) |October 17 | Early afternoon

For Pre-trip EXTENSION to IBIZA ISLAND, book your flight to arrive to IBIZA (IBZ) on October 7 and to fly from IBIZA (IBZ) to SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA (SCQ) or VIGO (VGO) on October 10 early morning, in both cases with scale either in BARCELONA (BCN), MADRID (MAD) or PALMA DE MALLORCA (PMI).

Itinerary might be changed due to hotels, transportation and time availability or other major constraints. Download pdf itinerary in English at the end of this page.


Day 1, October 10: Arrival to SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA – BAIONA

Baiona Castle

  • Arrival pick up from Santiago de Compostela (SCQ) or Vigo (VGO) airports and transfers to our Castle Hotel Parador in Baiona in the afternoon/evening. We will pick-up, transfer and welcome and register “The Seekers Plats” as they arrive. The transfers times will be communicated in due time.
  • Baiona: is a popular resort with its own little place in history: the shining moment came on 1 March 1493, when one of Columbus’ small fleet, the Pinta, stopped in for supplies in his trip back after the Discovery of the Americas, bearing the remarkable news that the explorer had made it to the Indies (in fact, the West Indies). Then an important trading port, in Baiona there’s still a hefty reminder of its old importance in the shape of the stout defensive walls, castle, towers and gun batteries of Monte Boi promontory jutting out from the town’s waterfront, now converted in the 5 stars Hotel Parador of Baiona, where The Seekers Plats will be staying. A tangle of inviting lanes, with a handful of 16th- and 17th-century houses and chapels, makes up Baiona’s casco histórico (historic centre), behind the harbourfront road, Rúa Elduayen. Four kilometres east of town is the magnificent sweep of Praia América Beach at Nigrán.

Hotel Parador of Baiona

  • Reception and welcome: during the afternoon-evening we will make a presentation of the trip and sessions program. We will have a free dinner this day. In our Welcome reception we will review the program for the week: activities, trip theme, mastermind, transformational NSA sessions, etc.
  • Hotel in Baiona: Parador de Baiona, 5 Star (http://www.parador.es/en/paradores/parador-de-baiona). Rest for an early start on “The Seekers Plats” 2nd day in Sense-A-tional Spain!


St. James Portuguese Way

  • Before breakfast we will have a healthy and uplifting Yoga & Meditation session, and then:
  • Transfer to 1st Stage of The Way: Camino Portugues:  You will be marvelled by the beauty and spirituality of this part of St. James Way in the coasts of Galicia near the border of Portugal.Autumn is a relatively dry season and the temperatures don’t drop too low until November, thus it can be a great time to do the Camino Portugues. It can also be a good time to taste the wine from the region.

River Minho mouth natural border Spain-Portugal

  • Lunch and visit visit to Valença do Minho (Portugal): We will have a snack lunch on the way and then will be transferred back to the neighbouring country of Portugal across the border from Spain to visit the beautiful town of Valença do Minho with its amazing medieval fortress and great shopping. 

Valença do Minho (Portugal)

  • Valença do Minho (Portugal)the Minho, where all is green, fertile and rustling in shared Spanish–Portuguese winds and waters. And no place has a better view of it all than this atmospheric fort village occupying strategic heights above the picturesque Rio Minho. Valença do Minho sits just a cannonball shot from Spain, and its impressive pair of citadels long served as the Minho’s first line of defence against Spanish aggression. But history insists on repeating itself, and these days the town is regularly overrun by Spanish hordes.Transfer back to our hotel.
  • Transfer back to our hotel for a valuable Mastermind on International Business Connections and a Galician Dinner overlooking the sea!
  • Hotel in Baiona: Parador de Baiona, 5 Star (http://www.parador.es/en/paradores/parador-de-baiona)



Camino de Santiago Portugues

  • Before breakfast we will have a healthy and uplifting Yoga & Meditation session, and then:
  • Transfer to La Toja Island Luxury Resort Spa & Casino, one of the most exclusive resort spas in Europe. We will have most of the day free to enjoy the great facilities of our luxury hotel (Spa circuit and inside and outside pool – included, Thermal baths, massages, beach, etc.), the beautiful La Toja Island and the neighbouring village of El Grove. We will have many optional fun activities.
  • Visit to the ongoing Seafood Festival in El Grove: with tasting of the best seafood in the world, including a visit to the Fish Market, where we can watch the live auction of the seafood freshly caught by local fishermen.
La Toja Island luxury Resort & Spa

La Toja Island luxury Resort & Spa

Shell Church – La Toja Island

  • The island of La Toja is a summer and fishing resort in the south of Galicia, which boasts warmer waters, a luxurious and prestigious mineral spring-fed Spa, a Casino and Golf course, creating a playground for the wealthy. La Toja known throughout Europe for its therapeutic, healing thermal spring. Legend has it that a man left his dying donkey on the island, only to return and find him youthful and spry. It is used by the famous soap company, La Toja, which has been making mineral salt based soaps since the early 20th century. During low tide, you will find women of all ages, harvesting clams and other shellfish from an area that celebrates the bounty of the sea every October in a grand seafood festival.

La Toja Island Spa

  • La Toja is a fun destination, only an hour from Santiago de Compostela. Take the trip, sip the Albariño (Galicia’s white wine) and take in all that this lovely little island has to offer.
  • Spa circuit with cascade pool and Entrance to Casino included.
  • Mastermind on International Business Connections and a Galician Dinner overlooking the sea!

La Toja Island Casino


St. James Way in Boat

  • Transfer to 3rd Stage of The Way in a Boat: Some parts of the Portuguese Way were made by boat, like The Seekers will do on this stage through the beautiful fjord like Rías of Galicia until the ville of Padron, famous by its small and delicious green peppers. Our boat will follow the same route that used according to tradition St. James Apostle’s disciples to bring his remains from the Holy Land for burial in the lands of Spain, where he had preached in life the teachings of Jesus Christ. His grave remained missing until a farmer re-discovered it in the 9th century in what is now Santiago de Compostela, starting from this date the tradition of the spiritual pilgrimage from all points of Europe to visit the tomb of the Apostle, that has continued through the centuries to the present day.
  • Transfer to Santiago.

Santiago de Compostela Cathedral

  • Santiago de Compostela: Locals say the arcaded, stone streets of Santiago de Compostela – the final stop on the epic Camino de Santiago pilgrimage trail – are at their most beautiful in the rain, when the Old Town glistens. Most would agree, however, that it’s hard to catch Santiago in a bad pose. Whether you’re wandering the streets of the Old Town, nibbling on tapas in the taverns, or gazing down at the rooftops from atop the cathedral, Santiago seduces. Today more than 250,000 Camino de Santiago pilgrims and countless thousands of other visitors journey here each year. Santiago has a festive atmosphere throughout the warmer half of the year up to the beginning of October. If you’d like to enjoy the place less than jam-packed, September and October are good months to come.

Hostal de los Reyes Catolicos Hotel

  • Visit of Santiago: Upon our arrival to Santiago we will check-in at our beautiful historic palace-hotel and take a short visit of this UNESCO World Heritage city and the cathedral of Santiago,  including the tomb of St. James Apostle, the last pitstop on an epic pilgrimage.

St. James Apostle’s Tomb

  • Dinner at the oldest hotel in the world: Hostal de los Reyes Catolicos.

Dinner at the Hostal de los Reyes Catolicos

  • Hotel in Santiago: Hostal de los Reyes Catolicos, 5 star  (http://www.parador.es/en/paradores/parador-de-santiago-de-compostela). We will be staying at the oldest hotel in the world. Built in the XV century by the Catholic Kings of Spain (Reyes Catolicos) as a hostel and hospital for pilgrims arriving to Santiago from all over Europe, it has been converted to an exclusive and unique top luxury 5 stars hotel preserving all its cultural and historic values. An unforgettable stay!

Day 5, October 14: 

Giralda Tower, Seville

  • After breakfast we will  get a transfer to Santiago airport to take our plane to Seville. As plane tickets prices go up as flight date approaches, late registrations might have to pay an extra fee.
  • Seville: Some cities have looks, other cities have personality. The sevillanos get both, courtesy of their flamboyant, charismatic, ever-evolving Andalucian metropolis founded, according to myth, 3000 years ago by the Greek god Hercules. Drenched for most of the year in spirit-enriching sunlight, this is a city of feelings as much as sights, with different seasons prompting vastly contrasting moods: solemn for Semana Santa, flirtatious for the spring fiesta and soporific for the gasping heat of summer. Like all great cities, Seville has historical layers. Roman ruins testify the settlement’s earliest face, memories of the Moorish era flicker like medieval engravings in the Santa Cruz quarter, while the riverside Arenal reeks of lost colonial glory. Yet, one of the most remarkable things about modern Seville is its ability to adapt and etch fresh new brushstrokes onto an ancient canvas.


  • Upon our arrival to Seville we will check in our luxury hotel. Free time to take a Tapas lunch, strolling and shopping through the beautiful center of Seville.

Hotel Alfonso XIII, Seville

  • Transfer to Andalusian Dinner in the typical Sevillian quarter of Triana. Transfer back to our host hotel.

Flamenco Dance in Triana

Day 6, October 15: SEVILLE

Seville City Tour

  • After breakfast we will take a Tour of Seville: The beautiful and magic narrow streets of Seville, its magnificent Guadalquivir River, the Cathedral and Giralda Tower, and the superb and historic Castle, Gardens and Palace of the Reales Alcazares will only be part of this unforgettable tour through one of the most beautiful and joyful cities in the world. Tapas Lunch.

Reales Alcazares Palace, Seville

  • Horse-Riding Bullfight Show & Fiesta: In the afternoon we are have a very exclusive and unique program only available to The Seekers Plats. We have been invited to the Ranch of our personal friend the Marquis of Ruchena and Count of Jodar near Seville, where we will be offered a horse-riding bullfight show and where we will be able to have a try at bullfighting small young bulls without horns (no risk involved at all). Then we will participate in our own Andalusian Fiesta and Dinner exclusive for The Seekers Plats on this private beautiful setting.

Horse-riding bullfight show

  • After dinner we will make the Announcement of The Seekers next Adventure.

Bullfighting of young small bulls

  • Transfer to our luxury hotel in Seville.

Hotel Alfonso XIII, Seville

Day 7, October 16: SEVILLE – GRANADA

Alhambra Palace, Granada

  • After breakfast we will get a bus transfer from Seville to Granada through a beautiful Andalusian road.
  • Granada: Internationally revered for its lavish Alhambra palace, and enshrined in medieval history as the last stronghold of the Moors in Western Europe, Granada is the cousin of sunny, exuberant Seville. This is a place to put down your guidebook and let your intuition lead the way – through the narrow ascending streets of the Albayzín, and the tumbling white-walled house gardens of the Realejo quarter. The city set spectacularly in the crook of the Sierra Nevada is an enigmatic place where – if the mood is right – you sense you might find something that you’ve long been looking for. Endowed with relics from various epochs of history, there’s lots to do and plenty to admire in Granada: the mausoleum of the Catholic monarchs, old-school bars selling generous tapas, bohemian teterías where youths smoke cachimbas (hookah pipes), and an exciting nightlife that bristles with the creative aura of counterculture. Make no mistake, you’ll fall in love here: immerse yourself in the splendour, and leave the poetic stanzas to the aesthetes.

Alhambra, Patio of the Lions

  • Visit to Alhambra Palace and Generalife Gardens: The Alhambra is Granada’s – and Europe’s – love letter to Moorish culture, a place where fountains trickle, leaves rustle, and ancient spirits seem to mysteriously linger. Part palace, part fort, part World Heritage site, part lesson in medieval architecture, the Alhambra has long enchanted a never-ending line of expectant visitors, and it has been on the final race for the selection of the Eighth Wonder of the World. As a historic monument, it is unlikely it will ever be surpassed – at least not in the lifetime of anyone reading this. The Alhambra takes its name from the Arabic al-qala’a al-hamra (the Red Castle). The first palace on the site was built by Samuel Ha-Nagid, the Jewish grand vizier of one of Granada’s 11th-century Zirid sultans. In the 13th and 14th centuries, the Nasrid emirs turned the area into a fortress-palace complex. After the Reconquista (Christian reconquest), the Alhambra’s mosque was replaced with a church, and the Convento de San Francisco (now the Parador de Granada) was built. Carlos I (also known as the Habsburg emperor Charles V), grandson of the Catholic Monarchs, had a wing of the palaces destroyed to make space for his huge Renaissance work, the Palacio de Carlos V.

Generalife Gardens, Granada

  • Generalife Gardens: From the Arabic jinan al-‘arif (the overseer’s gardens), the Generalife is a soothing arrangement of pathways, patios, pools, fountains, tall trees and, in season, flowers of every imaginable hue. To reach the complex you must pass through the Alhambra walls on the east side. You approach through topiary gardens on the south end, which were once grazing land for the royal herds. At the north end is the emirs’ summer palace , a whitewashed structure on the hillside facing the Alhambra. The courtyards here are particularly graceful; in the second courtyard, the trunk of a 700-year-old cypress tree suggests what delicate shade once graced the patio. Climb the steps outside the courtyard to the Escalera del Agua (Water Staircase), a delightful bit of garden engineering, where water flows along a shaded staircase.
  • After this unforgettable visit we will have time free for lunch, shopping and strolling through the beautiful streets of Granada.
Hotel AC Palacio Santa Paula, Granada

Hotel AC Palacio Santa Paula, Granada

  •  Surprise visit and Farewell Dinner near Granada.
  • Hotel in Granada: Hotel AC Palacio Santa Paula, 5 star  (www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/grxpa-ac-palacio-de-santa-paula-autograph-collection/)


Day 8, October 17: Farewell SPAIN

Aerial view of Granada and Alhambra Palaces complex

After breakfast depending on the time of your flight back to Madrid, you will have some time free to relax in our hotel, take a last stroll through this incomparable city or make some last minute shopping before getting our Transfers to the Granada Airport for our flights back home. End of another “The Seekers Plats” unforgettable journey!



+$1,995 in Double Room

  • Includes 3 nights in 5 Star, Hotel, lunches, transportation & visits

  • Ibiza: is an island in the Mediterranean Sea, 150 kilometres (93 miles) off the coast of the city of Valencia, in eastern Spain. It is the third largest of the Balearic Islands, part of Spain. Its largest town is Ibiza Town. While it is one-sixth the size of nearby Majorca, Ibiza is over five times the size of Mykonos (Greece), or ten times the size of Manhattan Island. Ibiza has become famous for the association with nightlife and the electronic music that originated on the island. It is well known for its summer club scene which attracts very large numbers of tourists. Ibiza is the home of the noted port in Ibiza Town, a popular stop for many tourists and now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.[1]

Sa Caleta Beach, Ibiza

  • October 7: Airport pick-up and transfers in groups to host hotel (TBA). Welcome& registration.
  • October 8: we will get a Ibiza Old Town Tour: Ibiza’s old town beautiful narrow streets packed with charming restaurants, bars, terraces and fashion shops could almost be intimidating. But this city is an accessible beauty, as easy to explore as it is to love. We will have free time for lunch, shopping and strolling.

Ibiza old town

  • Optional transfer to one of Ibiza’s top Disco’s Closing Party.
Ibiza Disco Closing Party

Ibiza Disco Closing Party

  • October 9: Visit by boat to nearby beautiful Formentera Island.

Formentera Island

  • Optional transfer to one of Ibiza’s top Disco’s Closing Party.
Ibiza D'Alt Vila

Ibiza D’Alt Vila

  • October 10: Transfer to the Ibiza airport for your flights to Santiago. To continue with our “Sense-A-tional Spain” trip make sure to book your flights from Ibiza (IBZ) to Madrid (MAD) early enough for your connection from Madrid to Santiago (SCQ) or Vigo (VGO).

Ibiza Party Island

Flight Ibiza-Santiago on October 10 in the morning not included in price.

Join The Seekers in Sense-A-tional Spain & Ibiza


  • PLUS:


  • NSA NETWORK CARE SESSIONS: with top experienced certified NSA practitioner.

  • Optional INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MASTERMIND! Valuable business insights and international business connections on round-table sessions, with follow-up Mentoring and Coaching.


  • 5 Star Luxury Hotels on shared Double Room: $1,295 Supplement for single room occupancy.
  • Meals, as specified in program.
  • All visits and activities, except those marked as optional in the program. Visits and activities might change due to time availability.
  • All land transportation and the flight from Santiago to Seville, except flights for getting in and out of Spain at the end of the trip or of the Ibiza Extension. Availability of spots in flight Santiago-Seville are limited – Book early to avoid having to pay an extra fee.
  • Company Travel insurance. It is highly recommended that participants have their own personal travel insurance coverage in addition to our agency’s.
  • NOT INCLUDED: Private NSA sessions, flight tickets in and out of Spain and from Ibiza to Santiago, tips and personal expenses (laundry, meals, drinks, telephone, etc).





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Stockholm Extension Children <12 Russia_Tsars single_room

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